What we do

App Development

  • iOS and Android
  • App Store and Play Store listing
  • React Native framework

Web Development

  • Ruby on Rails
  • SQL and noSQL databases
  • Geolocation APIs and services


Why we do it

We believe every great app and website tells a story. One that starts with your users, and is told through great design and functionality to fulfill their needs and exceed their expectations.

User Acceptance

Caring for your end-users and designing with their needs and desires in mind from the get-go means rapid post-deployment adoption with little to no training required. The result is a solution that not only actually gets used the way it was intended to, but one that is embraced and loved as well.


Automate repetitive tasks and simplify everyday work - like form-filling and time-tracking - and free your workforce to let them focus on what they do best.


Turn complex manual procedures into easy-to-use and error-proof digital experiences. Everyone's work gets easier your business processes are followed as they were designed - and gives you the data to prove it.


Good data make for good decisions. Eliminate paper-based confusion and sync issues and get data you can trust, as everything done through an app gets recorded centrally and becomes automatically available for you to see - in real-time, wherever you are.

Some of our projects

Meet the team

Dom Bernard

Lead Designer | Frontend

  • CSS and JS ninja
  • Avid hiker
  • Self-confessed Tim Hortons addict

Stephen Bilston

Chief Technologist | Backend

  • Rails, Python, Angular, React, and then some
  • Avid skier
  • Once had a close encounter with FORTRAN

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