What motivates us

We believe every great product tells a story. One that starts and ends with its users, of goals being fulfilled and moments of delight being enjoyed and shared. A story made beautiful through great design and meaningful through solid functionality.

We believe that combining business and technical requirements to a user-centric approach is the best way to influence user behaviour and to adopt and embrace our solutions - leading to measurable increases in productivity and proven business results that impact the bottom line.

Dom Bernard

Management Consulting, Front-end Development

A Montreal native who has called Calgary home for the past four years, Dom has more than ten years' experience consulting for companies across Canada and the US. He enjoys giving life to new ideas to life and seeing them have real impacts on people and organizations alike.

Stephen Bilston

Technology Consulting, Back-end Development

A technologist by trade, Stephen has worked on many technology implementation projects for companies big and small.

When those who benefit are not those who do the work, then the technology is likely to fail or, at least, be subverted.

Jonathan Grudin

Technology Services

Web design and development

The web is waiting for you! Make your idea or business stand out through a well-crafted web presence.

  • HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript
  • Ruby on Rails framework
  • PostgreSQL database
  • Static and single-page apps
  • Geolocation and mapping libraries (Google Maps, Mapbox, Leaflet)
  • Frontend (jQuery)

Native app development

Native app development for both the iOS and Android platforms. Capture your users' attention with beautiful and functional mobile experiences.

  • iOS and Android
  • React Native framework
  • Apple App Store and Google Play Store listings

Consulting Services

Change Management

Steer your organization toward new territories and enable your team to successfully navigate change and increase their resiliency.

  • Impact assessment and stakeholder analysis
  • End user training
  • Leadership alignment and engagement
  • Performance support material design and development
  • ERP implementations support (SAP and Oracle upgrades and implementations)

Business Process Improvement

Get a clear picture of your current processes and their integration with technology to better understand what can be improved.

  • Business process mapping and analysis
  • Organizational improvement
  • Performance metrics and KPI design and implementation


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