Covosoft is a technology and consulting studio dedicated to user happiness.
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“Users first”

We believe...

...that people are always at the heart of value creation.

...that technology and processes should be designed to empower their users.

...that our clients' success is tied to solutions and products that are readily embraced and adopted by those who will use them.

Ultimately, we know adhering to these principles is not only good for user happiness, but is also the surest way to harness the full potential of your people to improve efficiency, compliance, and value creation. Putting users first is not only the more human thing to do; it's also the right thing to do, delivering in the process real results everyone can be proud of.

Every interaction your users have with your product is a story. One of goals being fulfilled and moments of delight being enjoyed and shared - one made beautiful through great design and meaningful through solid functionality.

Our user-centric approach positively influences user behaviour to adopt and embrace our solutions - leading to measurable increases in productivity and proven business results that impact the bottom line.

When those who benefit are not those who do the work, then the technology is likely to fail or, at least, be subverted.

Jonathan Grudin


Technology solutions

Benefit from robust cloud-based applications to unlock efficiency gains and realize the full benefits of a connected workforce. We have expertise building websites and single-page apps and harnessing the full power of the modern web.


  • Web development
  • Ruby on Rails
  • React Native
  • Android and iOS development
  • Heroku
  • AWS

Business process improvement

If you can't measure it, you can't improve it. These words from Peter Drucker may have been memorized and repeated countless times, yet they're as true and significant as they always were. Organizations now drown in data, yet use very little of it to power day-to-day decision making and continuous improvement. Get a clear picture of your current processes and their integration with technology to better understand what can be improved.


  • Business process mapping
  • Business process documentation
  • KPI design and implementation
  • Current state and continuous improvement analysis

Change management

Change journeys can be as tough as they are necessary. The ever-evolving landscape organizations face often call for reorganizations, cultural and strategic alignment initiatives, and ERP upgrades and changes. The best change journeys are achieved through strong leadership engagement and clear and consistent goals being communicated and embraced by those impacted across the organization. Steer your organization toward new territories and enable your team to successfully navigate change and increase their resiliency.


  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Impact assessment
  • Leadership engagement and alignment
  • Training and performance support development and delivery

About us

Dom Bernard

CEO & Managing Partner

A Montreal native who has called Calgary home for the past four years, Dom has more than ten years' experience consulting for companies across Canada and the US. He enjoys giving life to new ideas and seeing them have a real impact on people and organizations alike.

Stephen Bilston

CTO & Managing Partner

A technologist by trade, Stephen has worked on many technology implementation projects for companies big and small. Databases and server-side frameworks hold no secrets for him - and he loves seeing everything run smoothly (especially in prod!)

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